1. The candidates who are interested to admit in this course have to fulfill the criteria of prescribed from of the college. The admission is open only Female candidates.
2. 2. Session of the College start from the month of January and July each year.
3. Session complete in theory January to December and July to June.
4. At the time of Admission of the Institution guardian will have to Signature a declaration that they abide by the Rules & Regulations of institute.
5. The Institute may sue in respect of any breach of conduct on the part of the students of Institute and such proceeding shall be Instituted in a Civil Court in Cal.
6. One Year Theory and six months or one year practical class will be conducted at Kolkata.
7. The Administration keeps their rights to take firm action against any miss conduct of any student.
8. The Institute must take a necessary action and discharge from the Institute and suspend from the class.
9. Student must maintain a sense of decorum of the Institute.
10. No Fees are refundable after admission in any circumstances or no question of jolly re-adjustment of any fees. Any application or pray will be not excepted.
11. The authority reserve its rights to reject any application for admission without assigning any reason for rejection.
12. After completion of final examination (both theory & practical) Certificate will be given to the successful candidates
13. If a candidates fail to pass the theory examination, the candidate must be appeared in the Supplementary examination.
14. The Candidates should be selected for practical class on the basis of compassing by the Nursing Superintendent of different Nursing home & Hospital After selection for practical class no request or own choice from where she complete the practical class not an important in this regard.
15. No financial facility will be allow for the selected candidate for practical class.
16. The Candidates must be abide by the rules & regulations framed by the Hostel Superintend during the time of practical examination.
17. The successful candidates should be agreed to take the permanent job at private hospital & nursing home.
18. If the candidates un-success to get the permanent job, for enrichment her experience to absorb the private duty at nursing home & hospital.
19. Placement will be available within three months after completion of theoretical & practical class.
20. The authority will not be responsible for second time placement.
21. Salary will be permissible on the basis of experience.
22. Continuous 30 days’ work will not be available in case of private duty.
23. No claims will be imposed upon the institution once the candidate have placement or posting.
24. Introduction for AdmissionNo : The candidate who are interested to take admission in this course have to fulfill the carter of prescribed from the college syllabus will be given after admission.
25. No any confider in drop out candidate in this course.
26. Student are not permitted to enter into the examination hall without admit card
27. Dress code should be maintain during training period
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